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Dewey Granby Oak
Photo by Peter Dinella
Granby Land Trust
Photo of the Month
February 2015
Photographer: Peter Dinella
Subject: View from GLT's Mary Edwards Mountain Property
Date taken: February 2015
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Land Trust Heroes:
Robert and Carolyn Beman
May 24, 2012

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The Granby Land Trust

The Granby Land Trust works to preserve Granby's Natural Heritage through the conservation of its scenic vistas, open space corridors, wildlife habitat, ecologically sensitive areas, and agricultural land.

Mary Edwards Mountain Property
Photo by Peter Dinella
Founded in 1972, the Land Trust owns approximately 1,100 acres in Granby and has preserved another 900 acres through conservation easements. In addition to acquiring land, we protect and care for these properties.

Working with a range of conservation partners, the Land Trust is committed to forever
preserving Granby's rural character and its beautiful places. Please join us…

Bob Nuckols Donates the Robert and Dorothy Nuckols Preserve to GLT
March 14, 2012

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The Granby Land Trust encourages you to buy local and support Granby's farms and orchards. By patronizing local farms, you get fresh, locally-grown foods and help make these local agricultural enterprises successful which will help to preserve these beautiful places for generations to come.

Click here for a complete listing and map of Granby farmstands and orchards.

Buy Local. Preserve Our Community.

Western Barndoor Hill Preserve Trail Map Available: Trail Open for Hiking


Exact Date TBA (depending on weather conditions)
Maple Sugaring... A Hands-On Learning Experience for Kids
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Hike the Godard Preserve

The Granby Land Trust is grateful to the Godard Family for their generous donation of this property for
the public to enjoy as the Godard Family has since colonial days.

The trail system's two loops involve two beautiful stream walks as well as plenty of reasonably flat woodland walking. Click here to download a brochure and trail map.

Mary Edwards Mountain Property Trail Guide and Map

Recent News

Remembering Fred Wilhelm, Sr.
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Rick Orluk and Trish Percival Receive GLT's Highest Award
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Granby Land Trust Achieves National Recognition
Accreditation Awarded by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission

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