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Preserve Bushy Hill Orchard Campaign

Campaign Status Report

Dear Granby Land Trust Members,

It is with great excitement and gratitude that I write to you to report that the purchase of the development rights on the Bushy Hill Orchard is officially complete and that this important agricultural parcel will be preserved as open space forever!

On behalf of the Granby Land Trust, I both thank you and congratulate you for helping make this important acquisition happen.

The development rights were purchased for $450,000, with investments from the Granby Land Trust, the Town of Granby, the State of Connecticut, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and concerned residents like you. It was a true team effort - the kind of broad-based collaboration the Granby Land Trust strives to create - and only with all of these organizations working together was this purchase possible.

Clark Farm at Bushy Hill Orchard will be open for apple sales as soon as Labor Day Weekend under the ownership of Allen and Rebecca Clark, who purchased the property for $500,000. The Clarks currently own and operate Griffin Farmstead in East Granby, as well as Goodyear Farms in Suffield, and are committed to making Bushy Hill Orchard a vibrant, working farm. Later in the fall, the Clarks will be offering mums, pumpkins and the traditional bakery items.

Again, on behalf of the Granby Land Trust, I thank you for your support of this important effort. Your action and generosity have made an enormous impact upon the future of this town.


Rick Orluk

Granby Land Trust

You can make a difference. We have the opportunity to save the
70-acre Bushy Hill Orchard as open space forever, support a working agricultural enterprise and leave a legacy for future generations of Granby citizens. 

Photos by Peter Dinella

Working in partnership, the Town of Granby, the State of Connecticut and the Granby Land Trust have reached an agreement with Harold and Nora Law to purchase development rights on their 70-acre orchard located off of Bushy Hill Road for a price of $450,000. This is substantially below the recent appraised value of the development rights and dramatically below what they would be worth in a stronger real estate market. The State has agreed to contribute $292,500 and we expect the Town to contribute approximately $80,000. This leaves a gap of approximately $80,000. To reach our goal, the Granby Land Trust has committed to match dollar for dollar any contributions from the community up to a total of $40,000.

Now, the Land Trust needs your help to preserve Bushy Hill Orchard and prevent its development. If we fail to preserve this property now and this farm is developed, Granby would lose one of the town’s few

remaining local agricultural enterprises, including the orchard’s retail operations. Development plans indicate that new housing lots would be accessed from two rights-of-way off of Strawberry Fields. For the surrounding neighborhoods, the negative property value and quality of life implications as a result of lost views, increased traffic, etc. are significant.   

To make this important purchase happen, we hope you will consider making a generous gift to help us preserve this beautiful agricultural property. We need to have the $40,000 in community funding commitments in place by July 1st (commitments would come in the form of pledges until we need the actual dollars). All donations will be made to the Granby Land Trust which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, making your gift fully tax deductible. In addition, most Land Trust donations qualify to be matched by your employer or other foundations with whom you may be affiliated.  For donations of $1,000 or more, Granby Land Trust is willing to spread donations over more than one year, if this is helpful for matching fund requirements or other issues. Please click here for your Pledge Form.

If you have any questions, please call Granby Land Trust President Rick Orluk at 860.653.7095 or review the background materials on this page.

Working together, we can preserve this agricultural property forever. The Land Trust thanks you in advance for your generosity and vision.


    The Facts

    Bushy Hill Orchard,
    Bushy Hill Road, Granby, CT

    70 acres

    Development Rights Agreement
    Click here to view full development rights agreement

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    State of Connecticut
    Town of Granby


    Stand together with your friends and the community to help preserve open space that could so easily be lost forever;
  • Support one of Granby’s remaining working agricultural enterprises, which includes a high-quality orchard and a local retail agricultural operation;
  • Help preserve both a source of healthful, locally grown food and a way of life that generations of Granby residents knew;
  • Help make it possible for a local farming family to afford to buy and operate the orchard; without generous community support, the land would be far too expensive;
  • Be energy conscious; know that the Bushy Hill Orchard produce need not be shipped from far distant agribusinesses;
  • Prevent housing development via two access ways from Strawberry Fields and help preserve the integrity and home values of a quiet residential neighborhood;
  • Protect valuable wildlife habitat;
  • Help preserve a scenic vista, one that helps give Granby its unique character;
  • Proclaim by your actions what kind of place you want Granby to be;
  • Be known in the community for the values you support;
  • Let your contribution be an encouragement for others to follow suit;
  • Enjoy the personal satisfaction of knowing that you have done something deeply good.

Donor Details

  • Donations are fully tax deductible as the Land Trust is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization;
  • Gifts may qualify for corporate matching;
  • The Land Trust will match contributions dollar for dollar (up to 40K in total gifts)., PO Box 23, Granby, CT 06035